At beinghumanhr we love helping business owners create trusting, safe and productive workplaces so that their employees enjoy coming to work and leave each day feeling they have contributed to the greater good.

We love working with businesses who are growing and are dedicated to their people.

We believe that when you have a united and energised team of people GOOD THINGS happen. People want to work with you, be part of your team and use your services and products.

We believe people are key to sustainable business growth.

We're always on the look out for problems to solve or companies to work with, so if you’ve got a doozy you need a hand with, feel free to email us directly at sue.brodie@beinghuman.com.au

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Sue Brodie

Sue is a Qualified HR Manager, Trainer, Workshop Presenter and Behaviour Specialist.

She has spent many years working with businesses and individuals creating sustainable strategies around every day challenges.


She has worked as an HR Manager and trainer /facilitator in corporate and retail environments with outstanding results, influencing cultural change and business performance across a number of large national businesses.

She is known particularly for her expertise, passion and commitment to unraveling the mystery of human behaviour.

As a trainer and workshop facilitator she creates an interactive and engaging environment encouraging group participation, learning and growth.

Sue focuses on empowering leaders and teams to achieve improved results by increasing employee engagement and productivity, building customer focused cultures,  both internally and externally.


Her presentations are designed to bring about changes in attitudes and skills, and her use of humour and straight shooting makes her very effective.