Building Resilience

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Ever heard of VUCA?

It's an acronym coined by Warren Bennis in 1987 to describe the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of certain conditions and situations - and in our current climate, it's certainly VUCA out there!

How do we cope with this VUCA situation? How do we respond in times of uncertainty and volatility?
Being resilient (the ability to bounce back) is a great way to handle the ambiguity and complexity of what's going on in our workplace and our world.

Years ago I heard a doctor advise his cancer patients: “Every day do what you need to do to deal with the cancer, keep your doctor’s appointments, take your medications. Do what’s required. Then for the rest of the day, live your life.”

Our life is lived in a rhythm of activity and rest, striving and ease. And when we’re dealing with a VUCA situation, be it life threatening or not, it’s essential to find the rhythm of being responsible, taking action, then taking care to take care and allowing us to re-group in quiet and stillness

The reason why resilience is desirable as a quality is that it helps us to recover from adversity without losing morale or confidence. There will always be setbacks in the world of work; rarely do projects go to plan, and sometimes events beyond our control have a severe impact on our performance. Without the necessary skill of resilience, it’s easy to let these things get the better of us.

For instance, it’s common to engage in negative thought spiralling. Perhaps you’ve missed a deadline, and you’re anxious about how your client will react, this can quickly escalate into other fears – ‘perhaps I’ll lose the client? Or even be overlooked for promotion?’ – and the heightened stress which this entails can badly affect your productivity and wellbeing. Sadly, it’s common to ‘catastrophise’ in these situations – letting your thoughts jump to the worst possible scenario before you even know the outcome.

Fundamentally, resilience helps to combat all the negative thinking that can impact potential and productivity (largely by diminishing all the hours wasted on blame and ‘if only…’ regrets). Perhaps its greatest asset to an organisation is the lesson that certain things are beyond our control, but working on feeling comfortable with that uncertainty actually gives control back to us in terms of how we respond.

Resilience is not something you’re either born with or not. Rather, it is a developable life skill that all of us can nurture in ourselves. It enables us to deal with the unexpected and unwanted in the short-term, whilst learning and growing stronger as a result of adversity – both inside and outside the workplace.

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Friday 9th April 2020

The comfort of your own home

10:00 - 10:30am

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  • HR Managers

  • Leaders, Leaders and Managers of Teams

  • Employees with high work demands

  • People experiencing high levels of tension

  • Anyone who interacts with people on a daily basis

Who should attend?

In this workshop

  • We look at how to bounce back and the art of agility

  • We talk about the 5 C's of Resilience

  • We learn strategies to help us build our resilience