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A word for 2020 - Resilience

The start to this year has seen devastation for many coastal and rural towns across Australia. The green belt from north to south on our eastern seaboard is now a brown belt with most of our national parks and towns burnt out.

We’ve seen an amazing coming together of communities and support for each other.

We cannot predict how long these fires will last and what the future holds, however we do know we will need to be resilient in the months to come.

Resilience helps us bounce back from our challenges. To be resilient means to have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and to know how to cope in spite of setbacks and lack of resources

Resilience is a measure of how much you want something and how much you are willing, and able to overcome obstacles to get it.

Whatever this new year brings, build your resilience and that of your team. Learn to adapt in this changing world of ours and turn these almighty challenges into our greatest opportunities.

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