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Is your workplace COVID Safe?

As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease across Australia, more workers are being asked to return to the workplace, as some cases, a business cannot operate without its employees being physically present at the premises. A restaurant cannot serve meals without wait staff. A shop cannot sell goods without shop assistants.

Employers have a general duty to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all of their employees.

It’s important for everyone to maintain physical distancing and follow all health and safety guidelines.

Here's a quick checklist to help you devise a plan - if you haven't already done so......

Take time to think about new health safety risks in your business? What could go wrong?

  • Have I done everything I reasonably can to keep people (workers, customers, visitors and myself) at my workplace physically and psychologically safe during the pandemic?

  • Have I consulted with my workers about the risks (new and existing) and how we can address them?

  • Have I talked to the other businesses I work with or share a premises with?

  • Does everyone know what to do if they become unwell (e.g. when to stay away from the workplace) or where to get help when they are having problems (e.g. mental health)?

  • How have I kept myself, workers and customers safe in the past? And how has COVID-19 changed that (Are there any other new or changed risks I need to consider)?

  • Have I trained my workers on new processes and equipment?

If you need a hand to put together a plan give me a call on 0406866634 - happy to help.

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