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Start With Why

The Start with Why Challenge

After almost 10 years on my bookshelf I reading Start with Why by the wonderful Simon Sinek - again. Simon Sinek threw out a great idea on Linkedin the other day - inviting people to form mini book clubs and discuss his book as it is coming up to its 10th year anniversary. We can send him our thoughts, questions, comments and queries and he will host a live session on YouTube to discuss the book - section by section over the next 6 weeks.

So this morning I read the intro and a particular sentence jumped out at me.

'Those who are able to inspire will create a following of people - supporters, voters, customers, workers - who act for the good of the whole not because they have to, but because they want to.'

And it made me think of the situation we are in right now and how this is a great opportunity for leaders everywhere to inspire and lead - not because they want our vote or because they are only in it for their term in office - but because they want to, truly want to. To lead and guide us through this terrible time so that together we may rebuild our business, our people and our economy and most of all - a world in which trust, humility, compassion and care are the norm and not the exception.

( that last sentence is my version of another of Mr Sinek's sentences )


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