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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Employee Experience vs. Employee Engagement. What's the Difference?

Employee engagement is part of the employee experience and much more than just knowing whether someone likes their job or not. Measuring employee engagement lets you know how committed they are to your business and its success. It tells you how motivated they are and how emotionally invested they are in the work they are doing.

By listening to your employees and hearing their questions and concerns, engaging them in personal conversations, and mentoring and coaching them to put forth their best efforts, you will be helping engagement levels rise.

Employee Experience is the entire journey an employee takes with you.....from before the very 1st interview to well after the very last interaction they may have with you.

And everything in between.

It's how they experience working with your organisation. It's how they feel about your organisation - and most importantly it's how they talk about working with you and your organisation.

One easy way to understand what is meant by the term employee experience is to think of its popular counterpart, customer experience. Think about everything that falls under the wide umbrella of customer experience, then simply replace the concept of customer with employee.

The employee experience may be broad in scope, but it starts by optimising every touchpoint that an employee comes in contact with - just like you did when you became a Customer Centric Organisation.

Start at the start.

Ask your current employees how they felt when they first walked in the door - their first impression of your company.

Then stretch their minds back even further - how did they feel when they first saw your advertisement. How did they feel when they googled your company.

How did they feel during that very first interview. They may have felt nervous however dig beyond that. Why did they choose to turn up?

Engage them to help the next recruitment become even a better experience than theirs.

Make every moment count

Employee experience is holistic. It’s not simply about following processes and asking questions. Interactions with employees should be empathetic and thoughtful, regardless of where you are or what you’re discussing. Your employee experience should be genuine and you should take every opportunity to deliver an excellent experience for all.

Ask yourself how you feel when engaging with your employees. Chances are the ones you may cringe at also cringe at the thought of engaging with you.

If you truly want to make a difference in your workplace and have a successful business, and happy customers, you need to start with your employees. How you treat them will have a knock-on effect that ripples throughout your company. It’s time to examine your employee experience and, where necessary, get started on making positive changes. Today.

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