REACH ECO System - Insights to know and resources to grow

From as little as $77 per month you can have full access to the REACH ECO System, including Individual Profiles, Team Mapping, 360 Feedback Reports and Cultural Surveys.

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RQ is the capacity to recognise and apply diverse influence styles for collaborative advantage. RQ offers a measure of Emotional Intelligence (EI) that is reliable, although changeable through intentional training, development and coaching.

Higher RQ has been linked to improved employee engagement, better retention, improved productivity and safety focus, just to name a few essential performance outcomes.

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Building Self Awareness

A detailed overview of an individual's preferred personal style.


This report provides a summary of 10 personality dimensions that shape personal style, matched with strengths and coaching points.


Written in simple language, this report is intended for the individual and is often leveraged in workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching conversations. The report can be provided to the individual for self-reflection.


Build a high-performance culture

The most productive people tend to be those who collaborate within a healthy organisational culture. They gain an advantage from working together and enjoy a multiplier effect for their work. To REACH such synergy in a culture, organisational leaders must cultivate an environment in which:

  • Talent is Recognized

  • Agility is Promoted in Response to Challenges

  • Change is Positioned as an Opportunity for Growth

  • Trust is a given

Together, these characteristics promote what leadership experts refer to as a REACH Culture.


Feedback and resources to grow

REACH 360 blends simplicity and innovation for a best practice approach to multi-rater feedback.


It reinforces positive leadership behaviours, while revealing hidden strengths and potential blind spots. Its unique approach, integrating both personality style-based and skill-based measures, encourages meaningful self-reflection and targeted professional development.

Most raters will complete the REACH 360 in 5-7 minutes, with positively-oriented measures that encourage constructive feedback. REACH 360 provides a positive, aspirational report that is ideally suited for ongoing coaching and development conversations.