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“A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other.” – Simon Sinek

High performance teams are teams whose members are so actively engaged and dedicated that they produce results which are extraordinary. 

They work together to share information and resources, to find synergies and solve problems.

They are accountable to self and each other.


High-performance teams aren’t made by putting your hardest-working employees together in a room, hoping better work comes out the other side. They’re built from people with a common vision but it's not unusual for them to have different backgrounds and skill sets. In fact, the difference sometimes makes the difference!

Above all, the defining feature of a high-performance team is a unified approach, leveraging each member’s strengths to shoot for success and hit their mark. 


High-performance teams are valued within an organisation.



Friday 3 April 2020

The Manyana Room,

Shoalhaven City Council,

Bridge Road, Nowra



8:30am - 11:30am

$125 pp incl GST

In this workshop

  • We talk about how to identify gaps that may exist in the current team structure

  • We learn how to  create a culture of improvement and innovation

  • We explore the 7 defining factors of a team

  • We look at the 5 Characteristics of a High Performing Team

  • We gain insights into effective team process

Who should attend?

  • HR Managers

  • Leaders and Managers of Teams

  • Members of Teams

  • Anyone who interacts with people on a daily basis

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