Understanding behaviours

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We are all unique and each of us has our own way of doing things and behaving in different situations. These differences can sometimes cause challenges in our professional and personal lives.

Imagine having the tools to understand others in a way that enables you to interact with them and really lights up their world.

Whether in the workplace, professional sports,  or your local community, working well together requires a keen understanding of people, their strengths and what gets them excited to work with others.   This requires the management of egos and their constant demands for attention and recognition – not always warranted.  Understanding behaviours both an art and a science and leaders and managers who can consistently build high performance teams are worth their weight in gold.

The ability to understand behaviours is an essential tool for Leaders, HR Managers, leaders of teams and quite literally, anyone who interacts with people on a daily basis. 

People are multi-faceted and our approach to the people we work with and interact with on a daily basis should be too.

Included in this workshop is a REACH QUOTIENT Personal STYLE Profile tailored to your individual style.

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Friday 14 February 2020

The Manyana Room,

Shoalhaven City Council,

Bridge Road, Nowra



8:30am - 11:30am

$125 pp incl GST

In this workshop

  • We discuss the science behind high performing teams and explore the tools to improve performance and culture in the workplace.  

  • We explore our Personal Styles and Dimensions as well as our levels of emotional intelligence.

  • We look at ways to better exercise influence within the workplace.

Who should attend?

  • HR Managers

  • Leaders, Leaders and Managers of Teams

  • Anyone who interacts with people on a daily basis

Please note: This workshop is limited to 10 participants


Higher RQ has been linked to improved employee engagement, better retention, improved productivity and safety focus, just to name a few essential performance outcomes.

RQ allows the capacity for individuals to recognise and apply their diverse styles for collaborative advantage and influence better outcomes in the workplace.

RQ offers a measure of Emotional Intelligence (EI) that is reliable, although changeable through intentional training, development and coaching.

Using a unique scientific approach that combines strengths-based management and building agility, REACH supports organisational development with best-practice resources and creates new opportunities to improve performance and agility across the organisation.

The REACH personal style profile

The REACH PSP gives a detailed overview of an individual's preferred personal style. This report provides a summary of 10 personality dimensions that shape personal style, matched with strengths and coaching points.

Written in simple language, this report is intended for the individual and has strategies for developing strengths in both the workplace and personal life.